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  last update  16. Jun 05

  Just a few information about the new game system from Nintendo.

The official page is under www.ique.com.

The cartridge consists of one SAMSUNG flash chip K9F1208U0M-YCB0  with a 22 pin cartridge connector.

A link for an iQue flash cartridge programmer using a Cypress USB FX2 board is here.


pin function pin function pin function pin function pin function
1 GND 2 WP/ 3 WE/ 4 ALE 5 CLE
6 Vcc 7 CE/ 8 RE/ 9 Ready/Busy 10 not used
11 not used 12 I/O7 13 I/O6 14 I/O5 15 I/O4
16 GND1 17 Vcc1 18 I/O3 19 I/O2 20 I/O1
21 I/O0 22 GND            

There are a four capacitors around the flash chip (think 100n), one between pin 6 (Vcc) and the ground plane (very close to the connector) and one between GND1 and Vcc1 in order to perform an automatic reset function.

Inside the iQue is a big NEC custom chip, with the cpu and the other glue logic inside. The SRAM chip K4D263238E-GC33 is also from SAMSUNG .

SRAM cross reference

DDR SRAM 4M X 32  K4D263238 V58C2128324S HYB25D128323 NT5DT4M32 HY5DU283222