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              last update:  27 Sep 06  

You can use one of the following OEM GPS boards

Jupiter GPS board 
Superstar board 

for your Pocket PC/Notebook/PC computer or for your Psion 5mx Pro . The overall GPS schematic for both GPS boards with RS232 interface to your PC/Psion and the power supply interface is available on request. The NMEA-0183 protocol is selectable via Jumper, no protocol switching software commands are necessary. My design is working with batteries and/or with a 5V or 6V power supply. Special powersaving hardware is implemented. The RS232 chip will powerdown the GPS board when the RS232 cable is disconnected or when the transmitter of the connected peripheral (Psion/Notebook) is off.

Here are a few pictures from my own GPS hardware with a Superstar OEM board, red Sync LED (), RS232 and antenna interface.                  
Worked great with my

Psion 5mx Pro

additional hardware components:

The honda connector is available from CPC (GB) (tel. +44 1772 654455) and also from www.amp.com.

Psion side RS232 connector                9-pin D socket PC side
   ____________                                         ---------------
1 \___________/ 15                                   \ 5 4 3 2 1 / 
                                                                         \ 9 8 7 6 /

9-pin:                         Psion:                             RS232 function:
1                                  not connected                 DCD data carrier detect
2                                  4                                       RD received data
3                                  8                                       TD transmitted data
4                                  5                                       DTR data terminal ready
5                                 15                                      SG signal ground
6                                  3                                       DSR data set ready
7                                  7                                       RTS request to send (= DTE ready)
8                                  2                                       CTS clear to send (= DCE ready)
9                                  6                                       RI ring indicator


You can buy a car 12V DC/DC converter from Conrad Electronic. Enter number 460763-62 (1000mA) under "Produktsuche".

Select 6V and you can support your Psion and your GPS hardware :-)
Garmin GA 27A antenna
Here is the Receiver and antenna in compact form :-).

The manufacturer is Holux Technology Inc.


Here is GPSMON, running under windows. A monitor and controller software for the BAE Superstar Board.
The best program to config the Jupiter or the Superstar board is from CSI.You can enable or disable each supported NMEA message (works great).
A nice test software (GPSpac) for your PC with reduced functions (enough for testing) is available here.
Test Software for your PSION is available here.
The Street Planner and Route Planner software for your PSION with GPS interface is available here. GPS info display is included in both versions.

In-Car navigation for the Psion 5 (with support for Streetplanner and Rootplanner)

GPS related Links

http://www.kh-gps.de/ great german GPS page
http://schiffahrt.edu/download/gpswin.html GPSpac software page